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"Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight" - James 1 v 27 (The Message)


Our current sites are based in Myanmar. This country is one of the largest regions in Southern Asia and is bordered by Thailand, India, China, Laos and Bangladesh.

It is formerly known as Burma, and currently has a population of 55 million living in 14 states and divisions.

There are 8 recognised regional languages with Burmese being the official language.

Myanmar is a resource-rich country. It used to be known as the rice bowl of Asia. The country is rich in petroleum, timber, tin, zinc, copper, coal, precious stones, gas and hydropower. Myanmar mainly exports to its neighbours Thailand, Malaysia, China and India.

Myanmar's political system is evolving from one that was controlled by the military to an increasingly democratic one. This has led to the easing of trade and economic sanctions which in turn has sparked a huge increase in tourism and business investment over the last 1-2 years.

This growth is undoubtedly good for Myanmar and its population but it does create some new challenges for New Life Trust's activities in Myanmar such as increased costs for food and the local employees who help at our centres.

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