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"We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purpose." - Romans 8 v 28 (Good News Bible)

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100% of monies raised go directly to Myanmar to feed/cloth/educate our New Life Childrens Centre's children. 

New Life Trust is an Australian based Charitable Trust that works for the direct relief of poverty and suffering of children. Our Myanmar Project currently provides relief for orphans and abandoned children.

Update about Myanmar - Feb 2021

No doubt all of you have been watching the tragic news that on Monday 1st Feb 2021, Myanmar’s Military seized power of that country in a coup, detaining Aung San Suu Kyi, other ruling politicians, several leading activists and even an Australian financial advisor.

Myanmar has had 2 coups since independence from Britain in 1948. One in 1962 and one in 1988, so for the people of this country another military takeover is a severe blow to the democracy in that country. This coup follows outrageous claims of election fraud during the country’s recent elections in November 2020.

Since then, tension has been mounting. Military troops and police have moved into the townships, the internet is shut down regularly, Facebook has been cut off, banks were closed, several shops were closed and the people have become totally distraught and many wondering how to feed their families.

Over the past number of days there has been a peaceful uprising of the people. People banging pots, and tens of thousands of people shouting in the streets with the 3-finger salute.

These people are standing up for their people and for democracy in defiance of the military regime which unjustly seized power suspending democracy and curtailing free expression.

Thankfully, most people are wearing masks as Co-vid is still rampant. Now the military are using water cannon and other measures to control the crowds. It is a very unstable situation. Today there are reports of military starting to use their firearms.

Our friends at New Life Foundation are safe and well. However, they are feeling the shock and the pain. They have managed to purchase food to last them a month and thankfully we have still been able to transfer further funds to them.

Most of our children have not left New Life Foundation since March last year because of Covid. Now it is even less likely they will pass those gates at any time soon, other than going to work on the New Life farm. Bella and Israel are doing their best to keep them happy and calm.

I just wanted to pass onto you the assurance that our children are well. However, they are reaching out to you and asking for prayers for their country. It is such a sad and fearful situation. Our contact with them is becoming more difficult because of their internet restrictions and monitoring of what is said.

Israel told us that there are orders now banning gatherings of more than four people and a curfew from 8:00pm  to 4 pm.  Everyone must be indoors during these hours.

The growing civil unrest is affecting hospitals, schools and government offices.  Israel is discouraging his friends and acquaintances from protesting but is rather encouraging prayer to surround the protesters.

The leaders at New Life have set up a Prayer Chain roster for their church members and they are now inviting us to join in with them. If you are interested in passing on some encouraging words for them please email us and we will send the messages on. To sum it up, I am quoting our dear friend, Israel, and leader of New Life who many of you know so well.

My heart is crying for my mother land.
My heart is crying for country fellows who are oppressed unjustly.
My heart is crying for the people who stand for justice.
My heart is crying for the people who stand for peace.
So I am deeply praying for all of you.
Please pray for my mother land.


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